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Réduction des champs électro-magnétiques toxiques




  • author: Kirstin Bsecret
  • target: Local leaders and businesses primarily in Massachusetts
  • signatures: 106

we’ve got 106 signatures, help us get to 7,000

Although a hidden threat, wireless is causing illness: fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, tumor, DNA damage, ADD, cancer, diabetes, metabolic breakdown, technological sensitivity (EHS), digital addiction, etc. . .

Wind turbines, appliances, and other equipment also emit harmful electromagnetic forces. Regulation for health factors is virtually nil.

Overwhelming peer reviewed, scientific literature demonstrates the correlation between electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure and neurological, cardiac, and pulmonary disease, as well as reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, cancer, metabolic disorders, and other health conditions (see

mps Much more than half of over 10,000 studies show detrimental effects, although mainstream media is confused on this science (see signature #24). This research is especially concerning regarding the effects on lifetime supplies of female eggs/pregnancy, the ecosystem, and the health, physical and mental, of children.

For individuals with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), entering an electrosmog zone can be painful and/or disabling, in addition to increasing cumulative radiation damage and increasing chances others become ill. This reduces the capabilities of people to participate in society, & increases dependence.

Please SIGN THOROUGHLY BY HITTING AND CONFIRMATION & consider joining, OR working with others for change. Raising awareness & reducing EMFs should encourag… more

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