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Une étude scientifique sur les rats montre que les portables endommagent le cerveau

Scientific study on rats proves mobile phones damage the brain


Neurosurgeon Dr. Leif  Salford has been involved in a number of scientific studies, but he is widely recognised for his work involving microwave radiation and its subsequent biological effects. Since 1988, Dr. Salford  and his team have exposed thousands of rats to microwave radiation.

Their studies confirmed that microwave radiation does damage the blood brain barrier, as original shown by Allan Frey back in 1975, but they also made the shocking discovery that it does so at even much lower levels than a cell phone, effectively rendering any radiation warning labels and SAR levels on mobile phones to be worthless.

A single 2-hour phone call exposure, even at reduced power, was shown to damage or destroy up to 2% of an animal’s brain cells. In addition to this, the animals also experienced memory impairment, genetic damage, and other biological effects. They also showed that damage occurs in a relatively short time-span, with blood-brain barrier leakage occuring after just two minutes of exposure.

The picture below details the damage done, and provides us with a clear warning that using cell phones and mobile phones can permanently damage our brains.

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