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Pétition internationale pour limiter l’exposition des populations aux radiations des technologies sans fil

Dear Friends, 

I just created a new petition and I hope you can sign — it’s called: Government through health care and legislation: Limit our exposure to wireless microwaves from wi-fi and other microwave emitters.

The Bioinitiative report  shows the effects of microwaves on the human body, and scientists around the world are calling for caution in our exposure – linking overexposure  to diseases from cancers to autism. German and french schools are taking wi-fi out, Saltzberg have turned down their levels to a much lower % of ours in the UK . Wireless is a great tool, in its place. I wish to raise awareness as I see the growth in Aspergers syndrome and other serious illnesses as directly linked to microwave exposure.

This issue is very important to me, and together we can do something about it! Read more about it and sign it here like this always start small, but they grow when people like us get involved — please take a second right now to help out by signing and passing it on.

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