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Compteurs Linky (smart energy meters)

Some 80 percent of European consumers are set to have smart energy meters installed in their homes by 2020 (

  »Here’s another layer of radiation that independent scientists have been saying for years that is harmful, not potentially harmful, it is harmful » (Milt Bowling, President Clean Energy Foundation)

 An independent survey of 443 individuals indicated that 49% of respondents claimed they or a member of their household had health problems after having the Wireless Meters installed. 94% of the respondents stated that they wished to retain or have their analogue meters reinstated ( 2011).

Watch the Trailer of the Film Stop Smart Meters:

« The inauguration of smart meters, with grudging and involuntary exposure of millions to billions of human beings to pulsed microwave radiation, should immediately be prohibited » (Professor Olle Johansson)

« The smart meter basically watches everything that goes on in the house down to the microsecond, it tells them what was turned on, when it was turned on, how long it was used for » (Josef Tyls, Environmental Engineer)

« With this new technology you no longer have privacy in your own home » (Walt McGinnis,

« The government is not prepared to tell the truth and is not prepared to have a debate and if that’s the case we only have one thing left and that’s people power » (Rafe Mair, former British Columbia Minister of Environment)

Stop the rollout of harmful Wireless Energy Meters and sign the Petition (No Cost Analog Meters) at:

(this petition is directed to the government in the US, but also non-US-citizens can sign the petition)

« I am hopeful that the people will rise up against the smart meters » (Bill Vander Zalm, former Premier British Columbia)

The book « Smart Meters – Smarter Practices » by Dr. Isaac Jamieson (commissioned by the UK EM Radiation Research Trust), comprises 265 pages of research & current knowledge of health & environmental effects from the smart meters. This work is a highly recommended read.

 Please forward this e-mail to your contacts and to your politicians.

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