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Des avocats demandent l’arrêt du WIFI dans les écoles

Monday, August 25, 2014

WIFI in Israeli schools supreme court case – update 08-2014

Attorney Michael Bach and Attorney Dafna Tachover asked the Israeli supreme court to issue an intermediate injunction  to stop the use and deployment of WIFI in Israeli schools.

The requests were issued to the court, on 31/07/2014 by Attorney Michael Bach , and on 14/08/2014 by Attorney Dafna Tachover. The state is future to submit it’s replay until the 26/08/2014.
The requests where submitted after the Ministry of Education submitted it’s replay to the court’s conditional injunction that was issues at 19/04/2014 by the supreme court.

Please note that I am not an Attorney or a legal specialist and the report below was done according to my knowledge and to my best effect. For more info please contact Attorney Michael Bach and Attorney Dafna Tachover 

Attorney Michael Bach based his request on the changing behavior and tactics of the Education ministry before and during the procedure to create the apparently that it is deploying wired internet while in the field only WIFI was being deployed and use. First the ministry claimed it is deploying wired internet. Then, according to the court request, it presented data from the field showing that mostly, if not only, WIFI is being deployed. Later on the Ministry of education reported to the court that it had no time yet to enforce it’s recommendations regarding the deployment of wired internet asking more time to do so. Now, the ministry changed it’s approach and recommendations claiming that wired internet connections are dangerous, and in order to allow pedagogic flexibility, WIFI will be used as long as the levels of radiation will be bellow the Israeli standard (10% of ICNIRP). In addition Attorney Michael Bach explained to the court that the data that the ministry of education presented the court was not reflecting the situation in the field and that actually none of the schools were installed with wired internet.


Attorney Dafna Tachover supported Attorney Michael Bach’s request and submitted more evidence  supporting his claims. In addition Attorney Dafna Tachover criticized the handing of the EHS issue by the state mainly the report of the state that was submitted with the Ministry of Education last reply that determined that none of the kids that were hurt in schools from the RF radiation in Israel were actually EHS.
The report was issue by the Ministry of health and described the symptoms that the kids as none specific to and unrelated to EMF exposure and conducted that the number of kids in the school that was in question that reported the symptoms was higher than expected in the case of EHS.
Attorney Dafna Tachover submitted studies and reference in order to show the court that what the kids were suffering from was caused by the exposure to the RF radiation, partially from the WIFI routers and wireless PC and which made it impossible for them to study in a WIFI enabled environment. An affidavit written by M.D. Beler, the physician that checked the some of the kids, from the Rishon Negba school, and which  concluded they suffer from the RF radiation, was submitted to the court.




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