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Appel international des médecins contre les radiations des sans fil

International Doctors´ Appeal 2012 against wireless radiation health hazards.

Over the past decade, the evidence of serious risks has been increasing and accumulating worldwide. As physicians, we observe a clear increase in health symptoms when radio-frequency exposure levels increase with regard to distance and time—especially in the case of heavy cell phone use, and in the vicinity of DECT cordless phones, Wi-Fi, and cell towers

Ten years after the Freiburg Appeal, the Physicians’ Working Group of the Competence Initiative yet again invites all physicians to sign their appeal that calls on governments worldwide to:

  • Protect the inviolability of the home by lowering exposure levels from internal and external sources
  • Stop the expansion of wireless technologies and drastically lower exposure limits
  • Stop the use of continuous wireless transmitters such as cordless phones (DECT), wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi), and wireless meters
  • Switch to shielded wired or fiber-optic technologies in homes, preschools, schools, universities, workplaces, hospitals, nursing homes, and public buildings
  • Ban the use of cell phones by children below the age of 16
  • Attach warning labels on all devices with wireless functions—similar to cigarette packages. Inform the public about the potential risks of wireless technologies and declare radiation on all devices with wireless functions
  • Promote biocompatible communication technologies and electricity use
  • Identify and clearly mark protected zones for electrohypersensitive people; establish public spaces without wireless access or coverage, especially for public transportation, similar to cigarette smoking
  • Provide government funding for industry-independent research that does not dismiss strong scientific and medical indications of potential risks, but rather works to clarify those risks



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