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      https://www.ouest-france.fr/bretagne/lorient-56100/du-faouet-vers-rennes-le-convoi-mortuaire-de-300-apiculteurs-bretons-5733656 et si les abeilles étaient, elles aussi, EHS électro-hypersensibles ? La combinaison des ondes prédatrices et de...

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An Electronic Silent Spring


Over millions of years, living creatures have evolved in relation to the Earth’s electromagnetic energy. Now, we’re surrounded by human-made frequencies that challenge our health and survival. An Electric Silent Spring reports the effects of electrification and wireless devices on people, plants, bee colonies, and frogs around the globe. It presents solutions for people who want to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This pioneering book is for anyone concerned about the health of the environment and the people and other creatures that inhabit it. « This is a ‘Stop, Look, and Listen’ book.


Katie Singer has performed a great public service by assembling compelling scientific studies and personal experiences about the effects of exposure to radiation from man-made electricity and wireless devices on birds, wildlife, and human health. Like Rachel Carson, Singer’s warnings will not be popular with power company and telecommunications executives, investors, and lobbyists, who can be counted on to attempt to undermine her work. However, her findings deserve thoughtful analysis and action by concerned citizens and elected officials and must not be swept under the rug. » -Whitney North Seymour, Jr., former New York State Senator, United States Attorney, and co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council « An Electric Silent Spring illuminates how human-made electricity and wireless devices impact bee colonies, birds, cows and human cell structure. It describes actions we can each take to reduce and mitigate the harm caused by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile devices. This is an important and thoughtful book for every person concerned about the environment and human health. » -Kenny Ausubel, Co-CEO and Founder, Bioneers « A must-read for those of us rushing heedlessly into the wireless age. Katie Singer describes the dangers of EMFs in a way that goes beyond the science with moving personal stories. » -Sally Fallon Morell, President, The Weston A. Price Foundation and author of Nourishing Traditions « With brilliant clarity, An Electric Silent Spring shows how radiation emitted by our beloved electronic devices can cause biological harm. It describes the steps that individuals, manufacturers and policy makers can take to reduce our emissions and exposure. Because these issues matter to every parent, teacher and technology user, everyone needs to read this book. » -Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada, founding CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology (c4st.org).



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